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Are you looking for something and ever wondering where can I find any specific service or how to connect with people outside your network for your personal and business-related needs?

PMIT Circle as a Put Me In Touch and Connect Me To Network and Referral Network

PMIT Circle is the place for you where you can post your needs and get connected with the right people from outside your network within a few minutes. Yes! you heard it right. PMIT circle is a community of like-minded people who want to provide their service, help you with your needs, and grow their business by providing the best service they have to offer and even refer right person from their network. #putmeintouch #connectmeto #referralnetwork

Have you ever wondered how this works?

Well, here you just need to post your needs and once it gets approved by the moderator team your needs and requirements will be broadcasted to all members of our hundreds of thousands of users.

  1. Post your needs
  2. Get proposal / quotes
  3. Chat with service provider
  4. Negotiate
  5. Buy service / product

Now, let's say some people are interested in your posted topic and willing to provide service or help you they’ll reach out to you to discuss further with quotes.

Find Services near you

Once you have quotes from different service providers and vendors you can discuss further and negotiate and get the best deals for your needs.

So what you can post as a needs or requirements?

You can post just about anything you need help with.

  • Need an influencer for your upcoming brand?
  • Need a house cleaning service for your house?
  • Need a housemaid from a nearby location?
  • Need a web developer for your new product?
  • Need a marketing consultant for your new product?
  • Need a digital marketer for your upcoming brand?
  • Need an SEO expert for your brand visibility?
  • Need driver nearby location?
  • Need a content writer for your blog?
  • Need a video editor for your new video?
  • Need a voice-over artist for your new video?

And many more.

We also have different groups/ communities within the PMIT Circle platform where you’ll be able to connect to like-minded people, refer people, share recommendation and grow your network.

Some of the popular communities in PMIT Circle are:

  • For content writers
  • For influencers
  • For cooks, chefs, housemaids
  • For web developers
  • For Freelancers
  • For Work from home opportunities
  • For Digital Marketers
  • For Interior designers
  • For Voice-over artist
  • For Real-estate needs

And many more you can find it here.

PMIT Circle as a Lead Generation Network and Business Network.

Lead generation Network

You heard it right! There are 1000+ members taking benefit of PMIT Circle as a lead generation network and growing their business organically without spending money on advertisement. It will be beneficial for small businesses, local vendors, sole entrepreneurs, wholesalers, and new growing brands.

  1. Browse Post
  2. Send proposal / quotes
  3. Chat with buyers
  4. Share details
  5. Close deals

So what's stopping from you posting your requirements and connecting with the right people? Join now for free here.